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As the name implies, the Nigerian Dwarf has it's roots in West Africa and are often confused with a similar animal, the Pygmy goat. Pygmies are also a miniature goat but with a body more like a meat breed goat with little variation in color pattern. In contrast, Nigerians are very colorful in whites, blacks, reds, blues, chocolates and goldens with markings such as freckles, spots, belts, and blotches.

The Nigerian is a true miniature milk goat. They are friendly with a gentle temperament making them ideal for milking. They will produce about 1 to 1 quarts of milk a day. The butterfat (6-10%) and protein (5%) percentages are higher than most other dairy goat breeds.

It is not necessary to milk your Nigerian but you can raise them for the pure pleasure they provide as pets. Because of their small size they take up very little space. Like other dairy goats they are very clean. They are easily transported in a dog kennel. The Nigerian will not "butt" people due to their gentle nature. Adult does usually stand about 18-20" at the withers and will weight approximately 50-65 pounds.

The Nigerian doe can be bred year round, but most kids are born in the spring. The usual litter will produce two to three kids, but they can have as few as one or as many as six after a gestation of approximately 150 days.

Contrary to what many people think, goats will not eat everything. They may try something due to their inquisitive nature, but if it is not edible or they don't like the taste or it gives them a tummy ache they won't try it again. We have found that they really enjoy poison ivy so they keep that cleaned out of our pastures! They also like to graze all along the fence line giving our pasture that manicured look!

There are usually several doe kids and wether kids (neutered bucks) for sale at our farm. All kids are bottle fed from birth making them very people friendly and wonderful pets for any family member. Please contact us for availability. We also provide buck service on request.


For more information about our goat herd see our son's website,


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